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Pest Control - Extermination

With over 25 years of experience, Kidd Pest Control is your trusted source for insect and pest control. We can help you with all of your unwanted pests. Including affordable once a year pest control. For more info, contact us.

Exterminator Services: Removing Pests from Termites to
Rats to Wasps to …

We rid your home and property of these pests:

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Cockroaches? Dead

Kill Cockroaches

It’s not just the ick factor that makes cockroaches so unpleasant. They also carry bacteria and can contaminate your food, which is why it’s important to get rid of these pests as soon as possible.
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Ants? Gone

ant pest control service

You don’t have to live with ants in your home or yard. We offer pest control for ants that is safe and effective. We make sure children and pets are protected with this service.
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Mosquitoes? Gone

mosquito pest control - Tulsa

Mosquitoes can ruin your outdoor time and make you feel uncomfortable in your own backyard. Our mosquito control services will keep mosquitoes away, so you can enjoy the outdoors again!
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Tulsa Area Wildlife Management Consulting – Including Rodent Control Services

Raccoon in a backyard

Protect your children and property from wild animals. Removing wildlife pests and then continuing to keep wild animals away from your property can be a challenge. We help you with long-term best practices, protecting you and preserving nature. Call us at (918) 395-KIDD for more information.

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Residential Pest Control Services

Affordable annual pest control service – This once-a-year service is a great way to protect your family, your children, and your property from unwanted pests. Contact us for more details >

Lawn & Tree Sprays

Insect control service for your lawn and landscape. This service keeps your shrubs and trees safe from pests. Keep fleas and ticks off your yard. Protect your children and pets with lawn and tree pest control.

Commercial Pest Control for Tulsa and the Surrounding Areas

Do you own or manage a commercial property, a restaurant, or a hotel? We offer routine inspections and regularly scheduled pest control services tailored to your needs.

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Termite Control: Pest Services & Inspections

termite control services

Termites are a common problem in Oklahoma. These pests can cause major damage to your home. We offer termite inspections and professional termite control services.

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Pest Removal Prices

According to Homeadvisor.com, insect control costs an average of $176 with a typical range between $111 and $261. However, costs range by type of pests: Termite pest control costs $500 to $3,000, ant exterminator services run $80 to $500, roach fumigation costs $100 to $400 and bed bug treatments range from $300 to $5,000. You’ll find our pest control rates reasonable.

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